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About AIDI (Anonsuo Industrial Design and Research Institute)

AIDI, was established by GuangDong Industry and Trade College, has received over 300 design patents in the world as well as the utility model patent. As the   leader in direction of industrial design and research, she serves more for  brands like Toshiba, Sony and Samsung myteriously and quietly.

There are more than 100 professional in AIDI R & D team, led by dozens of senior engineers with high experience in design, technical elites of various industries and experts from universities.

In terms of developing the products independently, AIDI has made great  achievements, among which the wireless reading and selecting song technique has  obtained the national invention patents.


About Anonsuo:

Launched the first Bluetooth speaker -1188 in 2010

Launched the first gesture control Bluetooth speaker-1188s in 2012

Launched the first APP control Bluetooth speaker-F1 in 2013

Launched a LED Bluetooth speaker combining the lighting technology with audio device-A5 in 2014

Launched smart speaker with WIFI and Bluetooth connection-A6 in 2015

Launched home theater sound system Seashell series Bluetooth speaker and LED pulse Bluetooth speaker-A8 in 2016

Launched the smart touch Bluetooth speaker with LED lamp:A-Touch series in 2017

Launched the smart AI Bluetooth speaker with Baidu Duer OS, the largest search engine company in China in 2018


Cavil is one kind of virtue

Life is tasteful, because of picky.

Life is poetic , because of picky.

Similarly,you know Anonsuo because of picky

Anonsuo has faced a international severe competition since 2007

Cavil from customers make us more adhere to our quality mission

Thanks for choosing Anonsuo as them

Why the good products that made in china can be bought in oversea market only

Why is there no Chinese ones among global famous brands?

Nowadays, Chinese brands are poised for blossoming

We are believing that, the period of objecting Chinese brands is fading away

Since we are equally picky, so our brands must be rising sharply

Today, all people only know BOSE, JBL, HarmanKardon, B&O……

But Anonsuo is accumulating capacity

Your cavil is our glory

Be more hypercritical
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